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Please Note: The BDDBot is no longer under active development by the original author (due to non-competition agreements for search engine related work he went on to perform), but third party enhancements and bug fixes are still welcome.

What is a BDDBot, you ask? BDDBot is a web robot, search engine, and web server written entirely in Java(TM). It was written by Tim Macinta for his book (co-authored with Wes Sonnenreich), a Web Developer's Guide to Search Engines by Wiley Publishing. It was written as an example for a chapter on how to write your search engines, and as such it is very simplistic. While not as heavy duty as other free search engines such as ht://Dig, the BDDBot offers the following advantages:

Please keep in mind that the BDDBot was written in about half a week, and that is why it's quite simplistic in most places. Hey, you're getting this for free so don't complain.

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OK, since you asked nicely here's a bunch of documentation, source code, and similar goodies.

The GNU General Public License

BDDBot is distributed under the terms of The GNU General Public License. In short, this means that you are free to use the BDDBot in whatever manner you want (commercial or non commercial) absolutely free as long as any redistribution of the software insures that what you got for free is also offered for free to your users. It also states that there is absolutely no warranty on this product.

BDDBot Resources

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Unfortunately, to see an example of BDDBot in action you will have to download it and run it. This is due mainly to the fact that our book publisher put our companion web site on a server where we don't have cgi access or the ability to run persistent server side processes so we really have no way to run a demo off of the companion web site at the moment.

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