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Director of Engineering for BrightOne



BrightOne sells an architecture for delivery of value added email services in an email server independent manner. In addition to providing ease of integration for disparate email services, the architecture also comes with some value added services which are unique to BrightOne, such as an intelligent email alias database which allowed users to easily create (spam-proof) expiring email addresses and permanent email aliases with customizable capabilities.

I was responsible for a large portion of the design and the entirety of the development (not including the web page aesthetics) for the initial "beta" system. I selected all of the pre-existing software components that were used for the project and devised and implemented a plan for their integration and for the addition of a custom built component which would provide the desired "middleware architecture" and aliasing functionality for the system. The selection of software entailed the evaluation of SMTP servers, IMAP servers, webmail clients, and RDBMS SQL servers in terms of functionality, scalability, extensibility, security, and long term viability.

I was also responsible for managing all stages of development from the selection of development languages and tools to the installation and maintenance of a revision control system. The bulk of the custom software was built in C++. The web based user interface was built mostly in PHP as a consequence of the selected webmail client (Squirrelmail) being written in PHP. Portions of the user interface were also enhanced with Javascript.
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