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Software Engineer for Dimension X



Developing software within the context of a company which provided cutting edge web presence. Dimension X was at the forefront of the development of the implementation of the Java programming language on the web, and I started working with Dimension X using Java very shortly after Java's introduction in 1995. While working for Dimension X my experiences with Java involved:

  • Writing the world's first real time IRC chat applet in September 1995 before Java had even hit beta.
  • Writing a 3D sprite engine in Java.
  • Doing a lot of the Java programming for the early stages of Willisville, a new virtual reality community. I worked on this project with Grammy award winner Allee Willis and two-time Emmy winner Prudence Fenton.
  • Creating a Winnie the Pooh Coloring Book applet that was used on the official Disney web site.
  • Producing an image processing applet for Parker Brothers' official Monopoly web site.
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