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Chief Technology Officer for TorchGlow Entertainment



TorchGlow Entertainment specializes in mobile, multi-player games that augment reality. These are games that users play on wireless devices, such as cell phones and PDAs, in which game play is affected by the players' locations in the physical world. A game world is essentially overlaid on top of the real world with common wireless devices providing access to the game world.

All games that I designed and developed the architecture for were built using J2ME and MIDP technologies. Some games were also expanded to include various other technologies as well.

I was responsible for the architecture and development of the prototype for one particularly innovative location based game. I translated the conceptual sketches and dialogs of my client into an architecture and implementation which was easily expanded upon later by the client. I continuously adapted the design and implementation based on user feedback and changing requirements all on-schedule and well under budget.

I was contracted again on a separate, later occasion by my client to architect and develop additional games for wireless devices. Unlike the first game, the second game was intended to be a more typical arcade style game. It was also targeted towards commercial deployment rather than just the prototype phase. I once again continuously adapted the design and implementation based on user feedback and changing requirements and completed all requirements on schedule and most requirements well ahead of schedule.

The third game which I was contracted to create was a massive multi-player cell phone game named Mogul: Hollywood Player. This game was designed to work on a very broad array of cell phones and desktop PCs, and to take advantage of the extra capabilities in higher end devices. As such, the system made use of an extremely wide range of technologies including but not limited to Java, J2ME/MIDP/CLDC, Personal Java, SMS, WAP, WML, JSP, HTML, J2EE, JavaScript, and SQL. This involved several complex undertakings such as the creation of a custom windowing toolkit for J2ME/MIDP in the same vein as Swing for J2SE and the creation of a J2ME/MIDP emulator that allowed the J2ME/MIDP version of the game to be played on the web using the version of Java that comes with web browsers. The completed version of the game was deployed in the UK and is available for play on high-end J2ME/MIDP devices, WAP enabled devices, and via the web. I designed and created the core system for Mogul: Hollywood Player and then managed additional developers who were brought on to expand upon various pieces.
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