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Download the Scrambler Applet

The current version available for download is version 0.8.1. Please send bug reports to Timothy W Macinta.


You are only allowed to use the Scrambler Applet if you read and agree to abide by the Scrambler Applet License. The Scrambler Applet is Copyright 1997 - 2002 by Timothy W Macinta and the only condition under which you may use it is if you read and accept the license. Please take a moment to read the Scrambler Applet License now. If you do not agree to be bound by the license you may not use the Scrambler Applet.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Download the applet pack:


Step 2

Download one or more image pack below:

Download Description
scrambler-generic.zip Use your own image
scrambler-usflag.zip The United States flag
scrambler-moon.zip Buzz Aldrin on the moon
scrambler-iecow.zip A highway in Ireland

Step 3

Locate your HTML web page(s) that you wish to add the Scrambler Applet to. Make a note of what directory (or "folder") your web page is in - this is the directory that you will need to add the Scrambler Applet to.

Step 4

Unzip the applet pack from Step 1 and the image pack(s) that you downloaded for Step 2 into the directory that you selected in Step 3. This will create several files and two new directories. The "instructions" directory is for your use in the next step and the "com" directory is for use by the Scrambler Applet.

Step 5

Configure your web page(s) that you wish to put the applet on by following the instructions in the "instructions" directory that was created during the unzipping of the image pack(s) in Step 4. Look for the instructions that match the name of the image pack(s) that you downloaded. For instance, if you downloaded "scrambler-usflag.zip" you would use the instructions in the file "conf-usflag.html".

Step 6

Copy the following files to your web server in the same way that you normally put your web pages on your web server:

Step 7

Enjoy! (You're done.)

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