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You can create an accurate estimate of what my hourly rate would be for a particular project by answering any number of the the questions presented below. As you answer more questions, the rate estimate shown on the left on this page will be refined to give you a smaller range. Once you have answered as many questions as you wish, you can fill out my quick feedback form to request a rate commitment. You may also bookmark any page along the way to save your answers for use later.

Rate estimates are subject to change. You can always get an up-to-date rate estimate by bookmarking the final page after you have answered all the questions that you wish. Returning to that bookmarked page will give you an up-to-date estimate (bookmarking the page will save your answers that led up to that page).


Current Estimate
120 - 180 $/hour

Questions Answered
0 out of 13


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Question 7

How many software engineers will I be working with on this project?

I will be the only software engineer
1 - 3
4 - 10
More than 10

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(Answer as many as you wish, in any order desired.)

Question Your Answer
1) What industry will the project be targeted at?   [Edit Answer]
2) What programming language will be used the most?   [Edit Answer]
3) What would be the duration of my involvement with the project?   [Edit Answer]
4) How close is your organization located to Boston proper? If your organization has multiple locations, please indicate the proximity of the location where I would be expected to attend meetings and/or perform work.   [Edit Answer]
5) What percent of time will be spent performing work on-site (as opposed to work performed from my own office)?   [Edit Answer]
6) Will you be providing the human resources necessary for system administration of both development and deployment equipment?   [Edit Answer]
7) How many software engineers will I be working with on this project?   [Edit Answer]
8) What will my title be?   [Edit Answer]
9) Will the software which results from this project be web based?   [Edit Answer]
10) What requirements are there on the development tools that I would need to use as part of the project?   [Edit Answer]
11) What operating system will I use for most development work?   [Edit Answer]
12) Will this project require development or extensive use of server software (including web server software)?   [Edit Answer]
13) To what extent are you willing to work with open source software on this project? Open source software does not include anything that falls under Microsoft's "shared source" program.   [Edit Answer]

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