The Team

Team se28, TA: Leo Chang

The Web Pages

To allow easy communication and sharing of information on the project among members of the group, all project info is placed onto interconnected WWW pages. In this way, it can be easily browsed by project members, and in addition nicely formatted hard-copies can be made without difficulty.

Project Divisions

Central Control: Steven
The central controller brings all the disparate pieces of the program together. He is responsible for the essential flow of the program, calling the UI and strategy modules as needed. His part of the program will also assume the duties of the arbiter, described in Article 16 of the FIDE Rules of Chess. Primary responsibility for defining the specifications for inter-module interaction lies with him, as well as responsibility for defining and creating shared data structures.
User Interface: Patrick
The UI programmer(s) creates the subroutines necessary for displaying data and information to the user and for getting input from the user. He does not, however, control when his subroutines are called, and is for the most part ignorant (in theory) of how his procedures are used or what they mean.
Computer Strategy: Tim
This person is in charge of writing software to implement a computer game player. Given the current state of the game, this person's procedures will suggest a next move for any player. In addition, this person will implement the machine_player data structure as a "wraparound" around the computer_player and chess_board data structures. Finally, this person is responsible for writing code to develop a good strategy (possibly using genetic algorithms, etcetera).

Schedule for Project Completion

Design Overview

Project Implementation Notes

Current Status of the Project

Our Final Report on the Project.