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Email I've Received About My Age Detector

July 26, 2000 Edition

Welcome to the first update to my email archives since the last time I updated them. I've dropped the categories which were in the previous edition and strewn some random emails about the page. Some of these emails I've commented on, and others I felt needed no commenting at all (in other words, I'm tired and want to go to bed instead of commenting all night). If you like these emails, or the rest of the archives, be sure sign up to be automatically notified when new emails are added. And as always, all of the following email is real.

  I was wondering, where do you mark the preferences? I have
  an account with @Home and use IE5. No where do I see where
  the preferences would help you with this age detector. I'm
  21 and it still won't let me in. If you could write back,
  that would be nice. I'm curious to see some of your

          It sounds like you're having trouble with your
	  browser if you can't see the "Age Detector Preferences"
	  button.  I've written a little program that will
	  fix your browser for you - click here to access it.

Hey man! I suggest you remove the age detector from your web page. Its insulting and it makes you look stupid coz its not doing what its suppose to do (not be able to press the continue). Stop making excuses coz the truth is the programs unfinished. Finally, how have you ever gained right for such as stupid program. hehehehe! jst joking men!
I installed the Age Detector Test on all the computers of my Manhattan office and it has become more popular of a game than Solitare. So far my new intern fashion designer is the reigning champion, having hit "continue" 20 times in a minute .. . in 5 different languages! Long Live Wit!! (Viva l'esprit!)
I want to see the pictures that you have to offer but can't press the bloody continue button. Please provide me with another access route Ten minutes later I received the following email from the same sender: Forget it. If you're going to piss about and waste my time I want nothing to do with you website and pictures. I'll find them from someone who doesn't play stupid, childish games Then yet again 45 minutes later the sender, realizing that I don't respond well to insults and threats, tried a different tactic... No offense mate, don't take my comments to heart, it's just that I've been having very little luck with websites with naked celebs and women lately and its just getting to me.
you are a freeking lunatic. i am way over 18, infact i am just now 33. so to hell with your age machine
your age detector is F[snip]ING GAY!!! I LIVE IN CANADA AND AM 23 YEARS OLD AND CAN'T GET TO ANYTHING THANKS TO YOU, A[snip]HOLE!!!!! Hey, it's not my fault that Canada has not yet agreed to collaborate with the US on an international age database. You need to continuously send email to and telephone your Governer General. You should send at least one email and make one phone call each day so that your government can see what a pressing matter this is. Be sure to emphasize that your government is losing trillions of dollars each year in unrealized trade with the US because of the lack of a good, international age database which would allow you to see porn.

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