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Timothy W Macinta - Contract Software Development

My 99.44% Pure Java(TM)

I have been writing Java since June 1995 which was only a few months after Sun introduced it to the public and when the word "Java" still made most people think of coffee. From the very beginning I have been prolific about writing Java. This page gathers together some of the Java which I have written in the past couple of years and it provides links to the excellent programming tools which others have written and which I have used to create my programs.

Major Projects

Note: I am loosely defining "Major Projects" as projects that I have worked on for a month or more. For the most part, these have also been my "work" projects.


A lot of the Java that I've written has been written for my own entertainment. I also have the tendency to work Java into projects that would otherwise lack it. Some examples are listed below.

Java Age Detector

My age detector applet is probably the Java applet that took me the least amount of time to write (about an hour) and at the same time it has become far more popular than all of my other applets and programs combined. I attribute its success to its hormonal appeal, its humorous appeal, and a lot of luck.

Java Tools For Developers

Download My Code

I intend to gradually release bits and pieces of code that I've written (and which I maintain ownership of) in hopes that others will find it useful. The links below are the beginning of this endeavor and there is much more that I intend to release as time permits. Most of the software is licensed under an open source license - please check each download for specific licensing details, or contact me if you would like to purchase a different license for your own use.

Learning Java

A lot of people ask me questions about how I learned Java and what tools I use to create my programs presumably because this information will help them learn Java and create Java programs. I'm a little dubious about how much this information will really help anyone else because a lot of the programming experience I have was gained well before Java was ever public, and by the time Java was released it was just another language that I picked up fairly quickly. However, if you think it will help you I have no reason to hide how I've learned Java and how I create my programs.

As far as learning Java goes, I learned pretty much everything from the Java Tutorial and the Java 1.0 API both of which were (and still are) available from Sun's Javasoft site. I also used the Java Language Specification, which is also available at Javasoft, to a lesser extent. No, I did not use any books because there were none out at the time, so I can't honestly recommend any Java books.

Here are the resources that I use to create my Java programs. I heartily endorse all of these products.

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