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Scrambler Applet

by Timothy W Macinta

It appears that you either do not have Java turned on or you are not using a browser that supports Java. There is a puzzle which normally appears in this space which requires Java to work. Please download the latest version of a browser that supports Java (such as Netscape Navigator or Mozilla) in order to properly view this page.

Use this applet FREE with your own images.
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About the Above Image

The image above is a United States flag that I photographed on the Hatch Shell in Boston on October 4, 2001. I think the picture came out quite well (you'll need to solve the puzzle to see it - you can always cheat by opening the puzzle controls and re-scrambling with a very low number of shuffles). You can use this image on your own web page as part of the Scrambler Applet puzzle, and for this particular image, you can use the image on its own provided you credit me as the photographer with a link back to my home page (http://www.twmacinta.com).

About the Scrambler Applet

The Scrambler Applet is Copyright 1997 - 2001 by Timothy W Macinta (that's me). I originally wrote it for fun during two plane flights between Boston and California in 1997 and 1998. It sat dormant for nearly four years until late 2001 when I finally got a chance to put the finishing touches on it. Now I'm offering it as a little something for you to use with your own images - I hope you like it.

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