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Timothy W Macinta - Contract Software Development
About Tim Macinta Labs R&D

Over time I have written a lot of software for my personal use and for projects that I have worked on where I have retained the copyright on and rights to the software. The software is typically fully functional and in some cases already in constant use, although it has not been packaged for public consumption or distributed to the public. I would like to publicly release all of this software in one form or another, but as this process takes time I have created the "Tim Macinta Labs Research and Development" set of web pages to solicit feedback on what projects people would find most useful so that they can be released first.

You are currently viewing the web page describing the Web Based Briefcase project. This is one of many projects that I would like to publicly release and your feedback will help me to decide what to release first. Please take a look at my complete list of unreleased projects and contact me with feedback on what you would personally like to see released and why.

Tim Macinta Labs Research and Development: Web Based Briefcase

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The Web Based Briefcase allows multiple users to store documents and files online, to access those files from anywhere with a web browser, to lock files for editing, and to automatically keep track of all revisions of the files. This can be of great use to people who travel a lot and need to store and retrieve files from practically any computer and to people who need to collaborate on editing files with others.



The briefcase has been successfully used in production since late 2002 at Pensamos Digital. I will consider requests to release it as open source, as a commercial service (I would run it for you for a small, monthly fee so that you don't need to set up and maintain the software on a web server), or to sell the rights to the software outright. Please contact me with your requests.

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